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Tasha | Milk Bath Boudoir! | Maine Boudoir Photographer

This is Tasha, my amazing hair stylist extraordinaire and one of the most badass, gorgeous women I know. When I put the word out that I really wanted to try doing a milk bath boudoir session, she was ALL OVER IT, and I was so excited! This was her second boudoir shoot with me (hopefully second of many!) and she’s just such a natural in front of the camera that it’s inspiring. We used her friend’s home for the shoot — she had a beautiful tub with a window right next to it for amazing natural light — and we had so much fun, despite the actual bath smelling slightly, uh, questionable (turns out bathing in lukewarm powdered milk is not the most appealing thing in the world). She also had the idea to bring some food coloring, so we even changed up the color of the milk a couple times — so awesome!