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Meg + Carrie | Friends Shoot! | Peru, Maine Photographer

This is Meg & Carrie, and a whooole bunch of their awesome friends! You might remember Meg & Carrie from their carnival-themed backyard wedding, which was also featured on Offbeat Bride. Or maybe you remember them from their super cold and colorful “Day After” session (which was actually MONTHS after but, ya know, we’ll ignore that fact). Or you might remember Meg (and that amazing hair!) from her super hot boudoir session. If you don’t, you’re missing out, because they are AWESOME and I am so lucky they made their way into my life. Meg contacted me about coming to Peru, Maine to photograph them with a huge group of their friends. They were renting a house to spend the week at and thought it would be fun to get some cool photos to commemorate the trip. It was also a birthday trip for one of the friends, Josie, so Meg thought it would be nice to focus on her and her family (husband and son) during the shoot, too — making sure to get some nice family photos, candids, and head shots for Josie. Done and done! I met them on a chilly fall day and was stunned by the gorgeous location, and so jealous that they had this tight-knit group of friends who regularly spent so much time together. We basically used the shoot as an excuse to do ALL of the nerdy, dorky things we could think of. They ran around, pretended to kayak on the grass, made a human pyramid, did some interpretive dance, played in the leaves, did some forced perspective photos, and just generally goofed off. We also had tons of time to do all kinds of portraits — big group ones, smaller groups, couple photos, and even some head shots. It was SO MUCH FUN and I would do it again in a heartbeat!